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Surgeon’s manslaughter ordeal

David Sellu was a surgeon with a distinguished record extending over 40 years. In 2010, a patient died under his care in a private hospital.  There followed a sequence of extraordinary events that led to him being prosecuted and convicted for the patient’s death and sent to prison.  His licence to practise was suspended, his career […]

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Don’t be scammed

With medical practices a favourite target for fraudsters, Vin Panda shows what you can do to protect yours from the growing use of social engineering techniques. Fraudsters now frequently use social engineering techniques to prepare for an attack, in which their ultimate aim is to successfully steal funds from medical practices run by private consultants and […]

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Only time will tell with the stock market

Timing isn’t everything. Patrick Convey on why political dramas are not a basis for investment success. Over the course of the summer, it was not unusual for the stock market to be a topic of conversation at barbeques or other social gatherings. A neighbour or relative might ask about which investments are ‘good’ at the […]

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Reflecting well on you

Get it sorted! Kate Lewis and Darren Wiggins look at the requirements for a successful appraisal and revalidation. This month, we look at significant events, feedback and compliments and complaints. This follows September’s article, where we looked at what happens if you fail to engage with reval­idation requirements, the supporting information required and continuing professional […]

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Collection complexity

Read Simon Brignall’s round-up of the pressures on doctors’ practices to get their billing and collection right and you will see why so many lose money if they try and do it themselves. The history of private consultants, clinics and groups is littered with a long history of incorrect billing – and, sadly, it has […]

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Avoid the annual allowance trap

As Independent Practitioner Today has consistently reported, the unfair pensions savings annual allowance charge affects medics particularly badly, even those not carrying out private practice. Ian Tongue takes an accountant’s look at the key concepts and potential ways to mitigate it. The pension annual allowance starts out at £40,000 for everyone, but for those earning more […]

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Make sure your email marketing flies

Private Practice Growth Guide The Private Practice Growth Guide is designed to give independent practitioners the knowledge and tools they need to develop their private practice. Whether you are an experienced private doctor or finding your feet, this series will serve as a helpful guide to the exciting, and sometimes confusing, world of healthcare marketing. […]

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Self-pay is still on the rise, so don’t ignore it

As the proportion of consultants’ income from self-pay hits a new record, Garry Chapman predicts this trend will continue. Just make sure you have a robust system to collect the money. Many consultants think of private practice as being the insurance market. But it is not that simple.  Our analysis on the invoice values we […]

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Succeed at real Monopoly

Seven myths that shouldn’t stop you from investing in property. Adapted from a new book by Dr Lafina Diamandis. Some perceived challenges stop people in their tracks when they first start thinking about investing in property.  Unfortunately for many people I meet at my property courses and events, these challenges plus a fear and a […]

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Investement game

Why managed funds are a game of risk

The odds are stacked against actively beating the market. Dr Benjamin Holdsworth explains the costly challenges of active investment management. As you will have seen in numerous media reports, Neil Woodford – one of the UK’s best-known fund managers – recently had to suspend trading in the actively-managed Woodford Equity Income Fund.  At its peak, the […]

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Is your brand working for you?

New series: Creating a great consumer experience Shops have lessons for private practice Our new series by Nick Butcher and Dr Nick Hayward considers the role of design in healthcare environments and how it can be used to positively affect user experiences, create loyalty and ultimately improve organisational and patient outcomes. Developments in science, technology […]

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Dating an ex-patient

The ethics of a potential relationship between a doctor and their former patient is explored by Dr Kathryn Leask         Dilemma 1 Shall I meet with former patient? QA former patient whom I had treated for a minor skin disorder asked me to sponsor her to take part in a charity trek […]

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