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Do you own the rights to your great idea?

Calling doctor entrepreneurs: lawyer Michael Rourke warns to beware of the potential intellectual property mistakes you could make if you are considering the development of your own health technology. Technology and innovation is at the forefront of current medical practice, with new software, apps and websites being released regularly.  Over the past few years, there […]

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Ensure callers can always get through

Answer that call! It can be a big problem for many private practices – but Jane Braithwaite has some excellent advice to help you provide an exceptional service.     Now this is a thorny subject for patients, medical secretaries and consultants alike.  Here’s two common scenarios: ‘The patient says she couldn’t get through’. ‘She […]

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Pilot in Kapitän Uniform mit 4 goldenen Streifen und Mütze verschränkt die Arme

When safety is critical

Our trio of writers – two doctors and an airline pilot – are co-founders of a business on a mission to improve patient outcomes by helping healthcare professionals understand why errors occur.  John Reynard, Tim Kane and Peter Stevenson’s second article in a major series set to challenge attitudes and inspire you looks at the […]

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Zoom your practice into the 21st century

NHS GPs are being offered the ability to build private patient networks and develop their own private practices through a fast-growing company set up by a doctor. Naimah Callachand tells the story. Perception of what constitutes effective and quality healthcare has fundamentally altered over the past few decades.  Technological developments now mean we can bring healthcare […]

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It’s time to cast away the errors

Beware of these five common practice management errors. Kingsley Hollis shows how to avoid them. There is a unique museum in Sweden which showcases products and services that flopped with the public.  From Betamax video recorders to a short-lived Donald Trump board game, visitors to the Museum of Failure can relive, puzzle and occasionally wonder […]

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Surgeon doctor in medical clothes

The human error

Our trio of writers – two doctors and an airline pilot – are co-founders of a business on a mission to improve patient outcomes by helping healthcare professionals understand why errors occur. John Reynard, Tim Kane and Peter Stevenson’s major new series for Independent Practitioner Today gives a startling insight into attitudes and aims to […]

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Using social media to sail out ahead

Will this be the year you get ‘out there’? Grant Brookes presents an independent practitioner’s guide to the dos and don’ts of social media. We cannot ignore the way social media has become ingrained in society. People look to their social channels for answers for almost every kind of problem, as well as to engage […]

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Their views really count

Are you listening to your patients’ feedback? With more private doctors being subject to reviews, Jane Braithwaite gives some excellent tips and advice on handling negative comments. Most practices will be receiving patient feedback on a regular basis. This can range from the quiet chat with the receptionist or medical secretary, to the hand-delivered box […]

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Are you crushed by small print?

Watch out for the rolling contract. Terms and conditions apply, but many doctors get caught out, warns Michael Rourke. Alchemists sought to turn base metal into gold, but their searches and efforts proved fruitless. Physicists have studied the cosmos and determined there can be no perpetual motion due to the laws of thermodynamics. But lawyers […]

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Self-assessment is getting trickier

With the much talk of HM Revenue and Customs’ move to a digitised tax system over the coming years, it is easy to overlook the current system which is still relevant for all. Ian Tongue looks at the self-assessment tax system for individuals and explains some of the key considerations, particularly for those who may […]

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Interview of two business professionals

A cure for errors?

Doctor expert witnesses and patients are hugely frustrated with the current costly and over-long procedures in alleged negligence cases. Private consultant entrepreneur Dr Hugh Whitfield outlines the thinking behind his new company’s aims to be a game-changer. Spiralling medical negligence costs are perhaps the greatest threat to the future of the NHS. Over the last […]

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How to ensure you get paid

Invoicing and credit control is a time-consuming task in private practice, but it is essential for obvious reasons. Yet it is the area of practice management that is most often overlooked. Jane Braithwaite reports.     Many doctors and medical secretaries are highly focused on patient care, as they should be of course, and therefore […]

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