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No grey areas in the good use of colour

  Nick Butcher and Dr Nick Hayward follow their last article – on the importance of a strong brand identity – with a look at colour and how this can become a powerful tool in helping to create a great healthcare user experience. Many people find colour a scary subject. We all have our own […]

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Roy Lilley

GPs are going the way of the dodo

What on earth is happening to private consultants’ referrers in the NHS? Legendary healthcare commentator Roy Lilley has big fears for the future of our health service’s GPs. Fathoming what is happening in the NHS is a mug’s game. Just as you think you have it figured, something else changes and you start again. For over […]

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Working with inspectors

The Independent Healthcare Providers Network and the Care Quality Commission have joined forces for ‘outstanding care’. David Hare explains. As the trade body representing the independent health sector, the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) is mindful of the key role we can play in not only bringing members together to share best practice and learn […]

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Boost your CQC score

HCA’s The Harley Street Clinic rose from a ‘good’ Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating in 2015 to ‘outstanding’ in 2017. A new report from the commission shows how. The leadership team and staff at The Harley Street Clinic were disappointed with the original rating, but saw it as an opportunity to reflect and improve. Aida […]

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Stop online scammers

Manage the threat of fraud in private practice. In the first of our new series, anti-fraud expert Vin Pandha outlines some danger areas and shows why doctors’ practices are such a big risk. The risk of fraud and cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate with no real signs of any slowdown. Fraudsters are targeting individuals […]

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Rest assured when buying and selling

When independent practitioners are buying or selling a business, half of the sale agreement will be a schedule of warranties. If you are prepared to answer them before you go to market, your business is likely to be given a higher value, because each warranty you cannot confirm is money off the price. Justin Cumberlege reports. […]

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Do I say sorry for my scrip error?

‘Business Dilemmas’ A solicitor’s letter asking for a patient’s records could spark a compensation claim against a consultant. Dr Shabbir Choudhury responds to his request for advice.         Dilemma 1 Do I say sorry for my scrip error? Q I am a private GP and a patient has written to say he believes […]

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Entry level does not mean boring

‘Doctor on the Road’: Audi A1 Dr Tony Rimmer tests an upmarket supermini from a premium brand. Any independent practitioner knows that the reputation of their practice relies on all aspects of their services, both major and minor, being delivered at the highest level of quality. Attention to detail at all levels is vital. This is […]

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What you need to pass revalidation

Get it sorted! Kate Lewis and Darren Wiggins look at the requirements for a successful appraisal and revalidation. As a licensed doctor, it is your responsibility to make sure you read, understand and follow the GMC’s ‘Guidance on supporting information for appraisal and revalidation’, because failure to do so could result in your licence to […]

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Blue C building block

‘C’ is for cash . . .

The building blocks of accountancy This month, it is time for ‘C’ in our A-Z guide of essential matters that consultants and GPs need to consider to run their private practices efficiently. Susan Hutter reports. To quote the Dragons’ Den TV programme: ‘Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality’.   This is […]

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