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Visions for new financial year

Give your private practice 20-20 vision with a new year, new decade financial review, says Ian Tongue. The new year can be viewed as a fresh start to look at your business even if you are not at your normal financial year-end.  Periodic review of your circumstances is the best way to ensure you are […]

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Help is at hand for inspections

A new initiative for private GPs aims to help those struggling with Care Quality Commission inspections. Dr Neil Haughton gives the details. Over the past six years, the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF) has developed a close and productive relationship with the Royal College of General Pract­itioners (RCGP).  What started as meetings over dinner has led […]

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Plan to unify diverse governance systems

Coming your way in 2020 – the Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework. David Hare tells more about plans to bring together differing systems for monitoring doctors performance. As Independent Practitioner Today reported last month, we at the Independent Healthcare Prov­iders Network (IHPN) are progressing a major package of work to improve the independent sector’s consistency in safety […]

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Discuss end-of-life care in advance

How patients’ wishes can be respected and upheld when the patient is no longer able to communicate their preferences is explained by Dr Ellie Mein. Often, it can often be difficult to broach the subject of end-of-life care with a patient who has a life-limiting or terminal illness.  Patients may want to discuss the progress […]

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Check with family when passing on

Can you talk to loved ones about wealth? Dr Benjamin Holdsworth shows why inheritance planning is about more than just tax. Successful professionals like doctors are often fully aware of the need to consider how best to pass on their wealth to future generations.  You may have already made detailed plans to transfer assets by setting […]

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The inquest with a sting in the tail

Surgeon Mr David Sellu, convicted for gross negligence manslaughter of a patient – overturned on appeal after a 30-month prison sentence, continues his story from last month. The Clementine Churchill Hospital, June 2010 The internal investigation, conducted by the now defunct company Healthcare Performance Ltd, was asked by BMI’s group medical director Prof Duncan Empey […]

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Be a good landlord

Dr Lafina Diamandis continues her series for doctors investing in properties. This month: property management and landlord essentials. One aspect of property investment that puts some people off is the idea of being a landlord and having to manage issues like maintenance, repairs and tenant disputes.  This is a valid concern, but there are ways […]

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‘F’ is for filing deadlines

The building blocks of accountancy Susan Hutter continues her A-Z guide of essential matters that consultants and GPs need to consider to run their private practices efficiently. This issue, she turns to ‘F’…  is for Filing Deadlines Filing deadlines apply to your personal tax return and your business. Depending on your trading structure, there are other […]

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Indemnity on the run

‘Business Dilemmas’ Am I covered? It’s a question doctors often phone their defence bodies about. Dr Ellie Mein answers a private consultant’s query         Dilemma 1 Am I insured for volunteer work? Q Outside of my work as an independent consultant, I enjoy running and have done marathons and half-marathons as a member […]

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Standing out in a crowded market

‘Doctor on the Road’: Range Rover Evoque The second-generation Range Rover Evoque grabs the premium SUV top spot for Dr Tony Rimmer on the drive to his medical school reunion. I have mentioned before how important the image and reputation of a clinic or, indeed, an individual practitioner can be for the continuing success of the […]

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