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TopDoctors® is a globally recognised online platform to find and contact the best private medical specialists, audited and certified by the most rigorous selection of doctors in the world. Our company was founded to meet a clear patient demand: finding the leading specialist to go to when confronted with a health issue.

With this objective, Top Doctors puts more than 70,000 of the world’s most prestigious physicians within reach of the patient. To do this, it selects its members for their medical excellence and professional achievements through an exhaustive audit, the evaluation of a Medical Steering Committee and the reviews of the patients. Thanks to this unique selection process, the company offers maximum reliability in the quality of the medical staff offered.

The platform has cutting-edge technology to improve patient-doctor communication, such as medical pre-diagnosis tools, private chat and video consultation with doctors. It also integrates a real-time online appointment system which revolutionises the relationship between doctors and patients: accessibility for 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

TopDoctors® has established itself in recent years as the most reliable online medical platform in Spain, Italy, the UK, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, the USA and Saudi Arabia. More than 20,000,000 patients have already relied on the platform to select a doctor and more than 500,000 have made an appointment in real-time with the best doctors.