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The private medical profession is no stranger to bad debts and slow payers. 

Indeed, for many consultants in the private medical sector, it can be very emotive in providing to cure, heal or treat a patient and then, a few months later, have to write letters asking for the money. This incurs both time and cost for even the most well-run, private medical service provider.

SMART Medical Debt Recovery Ltd take away the emotion and the time-consuming efforts required to obtain payment. SMART offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ debt recovery service and, unlike many of our competitors, we have no up-front fees. If we don’t collect, then you don’t pay. Simple! 

The good news is that SMART can collect debts as old as six years from patients and insurers, so turning your trade debtors into money (cash flow!) for both the consultant and the clinic.

SMART Medical Debt Recovery Ltd holds professional indemnity insurance for your peace of mind and we specifically target unpaid invoices from patients and private medical insurers alike, including non-payments of insurer excesses and shortfalls in payments made. SMART are tenacious but polite at all times, with the single aim of recovering money rightly owed to you.

We are not a credit agency, so our work does not affect a patient’s credit score, which is a benefit to the patients who owe you money.

SMART are not solicitors or a law firm, but we do employ senior paralegals (registered with the Institute of Paralegals) who specialise in debt recovery in all sectors. SMART have over 70 years of experience in recovering debts from small to large with a fast, efficient service acting on your behalf.

With SMART Medical Debt Recovery Ltd you can be assured of regular updates and prompt payment of monies recovered on your behalf, as well as a friendly, helpful service from our dedicated team.

Your patients trust you to treat them – you are their medical experts. SMART Medical Debt Recovery Ltd can help you take away the problem of recovering debts; as your debt recovery expert, we’re here to help you. 

For more information on our services, contact SMART Medical Debt Recovery Ltd on 01225 793012 or by email on or visit our website: