Private Practice Pro

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An on-demand video course teaching you how to create a fully booked private medical practice without working a single evening or weekend.     

Private Practice Pro is a comprehensive on-demand video course for consultants, GPs and healthcare entrepreneurs showing them step by step how to create, run and grow a successful private practice.   

This practical course is taught by Giles Davies, a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon and clinical director of breast surgery at the Cromwell Hospital, who has run a successful private practice specialising in breast cancer surgery and treatment for over 14 years.

He is joined by his brother Thomas Davies, a qualified lawyer turned entrepreneur, and between them they teach you everything from how to navigate Care Quality Commission registration and fast-track your practising privileges, detailed walkthroughs of how to create your own website and embed an automated appointment system, how to get patients through the door without spending money on advertising, how to project your revenue and costs and maximise your profits and much, much more. 

With over 50 on-demand videos, guides and templates, Private Practice Pro is an essential tool for the consultant, GP or healthcare entrepreneur looking to launch or grow their private medical practice without having to work evenings, weekends or spend a lot of money.   


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