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PPM Software Does The Admin While You Take Care Of Your Patients

At PPM Software we produce practice management software for doctors in private medical practice and nothing else. We serve no other type of business whatsoever, and all our time is spent on managing and developing the software so that we are always at the forefront of technology and can provide doctors with the services that they need.

Our software takes care of all the admin, which leaves you a lot more time to do what they love doing, and that is caring for their patients. There are many facets to running a practice, and over a period of more than 20 years of continuous development we have been able to produce upgrades to our software to ensure that our customers have nothing but the best. When we do produce an upgrade there is no charge: it is part of the service we provide, because our customers deserve the very latest technology as it is developed.

Our diary scheduler provides you with a range of vital functions including appointment booking which you can view, edit, or cancel as required. It sends out automatic text reminders about their appointment to the patient. It also lets you easily identify available appointment slots and plan ahead for things like holidays.

The software also takes care of all your accounting procedures, raising invoices automatically and sending them electronically. Most importantly it automatically sends out chase up letters for accounts that are overdue which helps you to keep on top of your cash flow and greatly reduces the chance of bad debts. You can view an analysis of your accounts easily at any time, and you can record and analyse your practice expenses and produce any management reports that you need. The system also produces your year-end figures in seconds, and your accountant can view them easily.

All the procedures that you carry out, and your diagnoses, can be entered and subsequently located in seconds, and you can view patient records whenever you need to. The software can be accessed on your own network, or remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Website: www.ppmsoftware.com