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114a Cromwell Road, Kensington, London SW7 4ES 24-26 The Boulevard, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2EU 020 7370 6003 or 161 434 8039

Medserena Centres in London and Manchester are equipped with state-of-the-art Upright Open MRI scanners. We offer a full range of examinations including brain, spine, joints and whiplash diagnosis.

The key feature of Upright MRI is that scans can now be performed on patients in a natural weight-bearing position. In many cases, this provides a more conclusive diagnosis than traditional MRIs that are performed lying down.

The open structure is ideal for patients suffering from claustrophobia or who are unable to lie down. It also accommodates very large patients – up to 40 stone (250kg) – more easily than conventional scanners.

Upright Positional MRI provides medical benefits not duplicated by any other MRI technology, especially in the evaluation of spinal pathology.

The intervertebral discs are exposed to a pressure that is 11 times greater when sitting compared with lying down. These load-dependent changes can reveal pathology either not visible or underestimated in the supine position.

Upright Open MRIs allow almost complete freedom of movement. For instance, in addition to standing or sitting upright, the spinal column can be imaged with flexion (bending forwards), extension (stretching backwards), rotation and even lateral bending to the point where pain is at its most acute.

It is now possible to capture images and clearly prove instabilities as a result of vertebral slipping or position-dependent disc herniation following trauma, leading to a more accurate diagnosis.

Diagnostic accuracy of MRI following whiplash injury is improved by imaging of the Craniocervical Junction only possible in our Upright scanners with the ability to rotate, flex and extend the neck.

Upright MRI has many other applications in the realm of musculoskeletal imaging and sports injuries. Knees, hips, feet and ankles will all benefit from a weight-bearing scan, as patients often complain about pain only when standing or walking.

We are able to deliver a fast, efficient, quality, unique MRI diagnostic service to meet the needs of referrers and their patients.