Medical Broking Company



Medical Broking Company is the medical malpractice insurance broker within Medical Billing & Collection, which is the largest billing company in the UK.

Medical Broking Company has unparalleled expertise in assisting consultants working in private practice, clinical groups, private clinics, and hospitals with their medical indemnity  requirements.

This means our clients benefit from the following:

A decrease in indemnity costs up to 40%

We present a risk profile that is individual to you to various insurers and the terms are tailor-made to your specific circumstances. There is no subsidising of colleagues and every quote offered is bespoke to you.

Extend the scope of the cover 

Working in private medicine exposures you to many types of risks including, but not limited to reputational, cyber (theft of patient data, hacking, viruses, extortion etc), employers liability and professional indemnity (medico-legal). Defence organisations do not offer this breadth of cover.

We ensure you have the best legal representation when a claim is made

Our policies operate 24-hour helplines staffed by legal professionals. Your claim will be dealt with by law firms with specialist expertise within your specialisation. This will offer you the best defence available in the event a claim is made against you.

You will always have the best support

You have the support of our insurance expert seven days a week to fit with your busy schedule. They are obliged by law to give you independent and impartial advice. We aim to reply to all correspondence within the same working day.

We improve the financial security of your indemnity

Our products are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, ultimately protected by the Government. We work with the largest insurance companies and Lloyds of London, which has a 300-year+ reputation and systems to ensure you are treated fairly at all times.

We offer flexibility

We can arrange cover for all past procedures undertaken and the continuation of cover in retirement at no extra cost, instalment plans and assistance when completing regulatory paperwork.

Partnering with the Medical Billing & Collection Ltd and the Medical Broking Company puts your principal financial exposure under one roof and in safe hands.

To find out more about how your practice could benefit from partnering with us, contact us today.


Nick McCluskie Cert CII
Business Development Manager 
Phone: 07885 244490
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