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The entire MBD team have immense respect with the knowledge we are a valued extension of each private practice we support. Each team member has the awareness of the environment we’ve created for each and every one of our clients, where processes are now streamlined and flow effortlessly, admin tasks like processing daily billing, phoning insurance companies, chasing debt from self payors / embassies / solicitors are all taken care of by extremely skilled and highly trained teams.

MBD successfully complete hundreds of thousands of collections year in year out, from the experience and knowledge collected our software development team have built a suite of secure cloud-based software systems that provide our clients with great results and continues to evolve each month as improvements are made and new releases implemented. The relationship between the developers and MBDs processing / collections team is key in order to reach the perfect balance between a sensitive human interaction and the processing / reporting power offered by the very latest process driven technology.

We have many client testimonials to backup the comments above, below is just one, please get in touch so we can explain further how our unique solution works and the many benefits your private practice can gain.

‘We have just completed our partnership accounts for our first complete financial year with Medical Billing Direct and I must say we are very pleased with the results. We run a busy partnership generating over 1000 fairly complex invoices each year. Over the preceding 7 years we averaged an annual write-off rate of 3.6%, but in our first year with MBD this has fallen to 0.6%. MBD are a great team to work with – really responsive and keen to help us run our practice as efficiently as possible. Outsourcing invoicing has taken a big stress away from our practice, has freed up a lot of valuable administrative time and without doubt has proved highly cost-effective. I now look back on the 10 years that we managed invoicing ‘in-house’ and I genuinely wish we had made the decision to move to MBD earlier.’

Dr G

Consultant Haematologist