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100s of health professionals have improved their practice with our tailored billing and collection solutions. You can be next!

At Medical Billing Direct, we have a highly skilled and efficient billing and collections team that has helped hundreds of private medical professionals with customised solutions that ensure maximum return on your cash flow that will include:

  • Streamlined cash flow;
  • Secure electronic invoicing;
  • Improved clinical relationship with your patients;
  • Easily transfer your existing bad debt;
  • Real-time comprehensive reporting;
  • Self-payer, insurance companies, embassies;
  • Integrated, secure credit control systems.

What do healthcare professionals say about us?

Medical Billing Direct have proven themselves to be an efficient, responsive and highly organised billing company. From prompt billing to the chasing up of debts and provision of detail financial reports, their service is excellent.’

– Dr Andrew Poullis, consultant gastroenterologist (London Gastroenterology LLP)


Don’t wait any longer and book our free 15-minute consultation to be part of the healthcare professionals who have improved their practice by:

  • Reducing their administrative stress;
  • Increasing their income;
  • Having more free time;
  • Having solutions tailored to their needs;
  • Enjoying expert advice.