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The MDU is the UK’s leading medical defence organisation and is led and staffed by doctors who have real-life experience of the pressures and challenges you face every day. Their expertise in medico-legal issues, complaints and claims is unparalleled.

Since 1885, we have been indemnifying doctors for incidents arising from their clinical care of patients. We are proud of our heritage, but we are always looking forward, shaping our products and services to meet the changing needs of the medical profession.

MDU member benefits are provided on an ‘occurrence basis’, which means you can ask for our assistance as long as you are – or were – our member at the time the incident happened. This applies even if you are no longer a member or have retired or stopped practising. Your estate can even ask for our help after your death.

It’s more important than ever to practise with confidence, knowing that you’re backed by a team of medico-legal advisers all of whom are trained doctors. To learn more about joining the MDU, visit

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