Consultants’ data website improved

By a staff reporter

Consultants are being reminded they can now use a new portal to help them when submitting data under the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) Private Healthcare Market Order.

The Private Healthcare Inform­ation Network (PHIN) gateway, which became available last month (April), contains several new features that have been designed with consultant feedback in mind to improve the way the portal works and the benefits it brings.

Anne Coyne

Anne Coyne, PHIN’s consultant services manager, said: ‘Its enhanced functionality makes it easier for consultants to use, both to comply with their requirements under the CMA Order and to maximise the benefits they can get from their data.

‘This will help to increase compliance rates, meaning that more and more information is available to patients looking to have a procedure carried out in the private sector.

‘We are grateful to the many consultants who have helped us during the development process and will continue to work with all consultants to provide the support they need.’

PHIN said the improvements were based on feedback provided by consultants, and included:

  1. The ability to nominate a delegate to upload and verify data and produce reports;
  2. The addition of insurer fees;
  3. The ability to review and update specialties;
  4. A new data overview report showing all data PHIN holds on a consultant.

The portal is available to consultants now at