Help for doctors to meet competition watchdog obligations

PHIN’s consultant engagement team: (L-R) Julie Kidd, Tammy Bate, Michael Attenborough

Consultants from 9 April are being invited to take advantage of changes to their Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) portal aimed at making it easier for them to meet their obligations to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). 

The data provider said its improvements were based on feedback from individual consultants and hospital providers.

It is offering virtual tours of its Consultant Portal, new guides to the processes and an opportunity to join virtual sessions for further information.

PHIN summarised the key changes as:

Submitting information about the fee arrangements consultants have with insurers.

The ability for consultants to nominate a delegate to assist them in undertaking tasks on the portal.

Being able to select the GMC specialty that most reflects the clinical services the consultant provides.

An indication if a consultant submits data to a registry or audit.

Making it easier to review and verify data or publication/raising data issues. ‘This will allow us to provide more information to patients about consultants offering services to private patients,’ PHIN said.

Providing a consolidated overview report showing all the information submitted to PHIN that is linked to the consultant.