Mixed growth for provincial trusts

PPU Watch

Compiled by Philip Housden

Analysis of the NHS trust annual accounts now being published for 2022-23 is throwing some light on the mixed growth picture for out-of-London private patient earnings. 

As the table below shows, with eight of the ten highest private patient income trusts now having published, four of these trusts show growth ranging from 37.2% at Frimley Health to 3.5% at Royal Papworth. 

Sussex University Hospitals jumped from fifth to third with growth of £1.4m and 17.3%. 

However, the other four reported falls in private patient income. University Hospital Southampton dropped £1.3m and 20.6%, while Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt, Cambridge University and Oxford University Trusts had more modest falls of between 8.3% and 0.8%. 

The overall gain was 4.0% over 2021-22, increasing group revenues by £3.2m and this contrasts with the average gain for the top ten London trusts reported by PPU Watch of 22.8%. 

This trend further concentrates NHS private patient revenues in the capital. 

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