Deafness and mental health service in Harley Street

A Harley Street Medical Area clinic has launched a new initiative to help address mental health issues connected to hearing loss. 

‘The Well Being by CUBEX’ at 25 New Cavendish Street is a range of health and lifestyle related offerings to support sufferers of cognitive decline or emotional imbalance.

Director and consultant audiologist Adam Shulberg said: ‘Our approach looks at the connection between hearing loss and cognitive function. People with hearing impairment sometimes retreat from social engagements and can feel quite isolated. 

‘This happens because the brain has to work far harder to encode sound, so all cognitive processes are under pressure. It can be mentally exhausting.’

The clinic’s role was to help unlock the ability to function to the patient’s fullest potential ‘in our world of sound, and in all the ways that matter, gracefully and effortlessly’.

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