Botched beauty ops abroad under fire

The Independent Sector Comp­laints Adjudication Service (ISCAS) has expressed concerns about adverts in the UK for cosmetic surgery abroad, particularly from Turkey.

This follows Advertising Stand­ards Authority findings that two promotions trivialised the decision to have cosmetic surgery, pressurised consumers and misleadingly omitted information about pre-consultations. One advert used the term ‘mommy makeover’.

Many more adverts for cosmetic surgery abroad on Facebook and Instagram were found to have a significant proportion appearing to breach ISCAS’s rules. The problem was highlighted at a meeting of ISCAS’s cosmetic surgery group. 

Director Sally Taber said around 30 deaths had occurred due to a variety of problems with the treatment of UK patients abroad while others had required treatment in the NHS when they returned.

Concerns had also been expressed by patient groups and these had now been raised with the Department of Health and Social Security.