Patient was so impressed she took a job at the clinic

Healthcare assistant Tracey Coyle

A woman diagnosed with a sight-threatening condition was so impressed by the surgeons who saved her vision that she got a job at the clinic.

Tracey Coyle was only 32 when she was diagnosed with cataracts. She went back to work as a healthcare assistant at Newmedica in Newcastle and is now going to university to train as a nurse.

She said the surgery had enabled her to train for her dream job and help other people.

Clinic operational director Amanda Bargewell said Tracey’s personal experience of cataract surgery gave her an invaluable insight she could pass on to patients.

‘We’re very lucky to have her. She’s wonderful with our patients – comforting those who are nervous and explaining the procedure in a way that patients find helpful.’

Newmedica Newcastle is run by Amanda and a team of four consultants: Mr Mustafa Kadhim, Mr Gerard Ainsworth, Mr Ayad Shafiq and Mr Nicholas Wride.

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