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The Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries (amii) was established in 1998 as a trade association for independent medical insurance advisers and it now has over 135 members. Executive chairman David Middleton explains more about the organisation and why consultants could benefit from its expertise.

Since our association was founded 25 years ago, the landscape of amii has developed significantly. Our members are now made up of intermediaries, health and well-being organisations and insurers. 

They provide advice on private medical insurance, health cash plans, group risk and protection products and general health and well-being matters, including occupational health services and employee assistance programmes.

We have been working in recent years to broaden the range of organisations we work with. 

Since the Covid pandemic, patients have faced immense challenges when trying to access NHS diagnostic services and treatments, and this problem looks set to persist for some time to come.

Wealth of information

David Middleton

With record numbers of people stuck on NHS waiting lists and little prospect of accessing treatment such as hip and knee replacement surgery, the number of people joining private medical health insurance schemes and paying privately for the procedures they need has been on the rise. 

There has also been an increase in companies recognising the benefits of offering health and well-being for their employees. This includes a growing recognition of the need to incorporate mental health care provisions and to recognise the health needs of women in the workplace.

We recently revamped the amii website to improve the wealth of information available to consumers, companies and members and non-members of amii alike. 

And we have also launched the amii Talking Health & Wellbeing podcast series, where I chat with leading figures in the healthcare industry who have an interesting story to tell or can provide guidance on tackling some of the current challenges society faces. 

The feedback on this has been outstanding and we have some fascinating guests lined up for future episodes.

Changing landscape

As an association, we recognise that the health and well-being landscape is changing and we are committed to the importance of actively managing wellness before people fall ill, as well as the treatment of those with acute and chronic illness.

That is why we made the decision to expand our support for the health and well-being industry and look to recruit more new members operating in the field.


We recently welcomed organisations like HCA Healthcare to the amii family. HCA is the largest private healthcare provider in the world and one of the leading providers in the UK. The organisation is also the largest provider of robotic surgery in the independent sector, with a world-class network of over 30 facilities in London and Manchester.

It is great to see an internationally recognised healthcare provider join and, in doing so, recognise that the breadth and depth of amii now reaches far beyond health insurance. 

HCA’s vice president of corporate sales, Soraya Chamberlain, praised amii’s ‘strong voice in our industry’ and believes the company has a valuable and influential role to play in supporting intermediaries, insurers and corporates. So we are excited to work with it as members in the months ahead.

Attracting member organisations of the size and scale of HCA is a big coup for us and forms part of our vision to be the voice of the health and well-being industry. 

Benefits of membership

Our membership now comprises of over 135 intermediary, health and well-being and insurer organisations, and it is this wide pool of expertise that has made the association the leading body for the health insurance industry. 

amii is the only association which has 16 insurer members and all the organisations we support are reputable insurers. 

We promote and maintain high standards of professional and ethical conduct among our members. All amii members are authorised and regulated by either the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) or Financial Conduct Auth­ority (FCA) to sell general insurance products.

We support initiatives to improve customer experience. For instance, we recently established a data transfer group, which enables the process of a patient or company transferring from one provider to another to be much more efficient.

By working with amii, consultants can increase their awareness of funding options for patients, enabling them to better advise those who come to them seeking treatment.