Eye clinic’s new laser offers a quicker recovery time

Independent eye surgery provider OCL Vision reports that it is the first in the UK to introduce SmartSight, a new procedure to speed up recovery time for patients having laser surgery at its New Cavendish Street Clinic in Marylebone, central London. 

The clinic recommends SmartSight for patients with prescriptions higher than -3 dioptres with or without astigmatism. 

It said the procedure was known to significantly reduce the risk of developing dry eye following surgery, which may be particularly welcome in those suffering from intolerance of contact lenses. 

SmartSight has also proved popular among those doing contact sports, as it allows for a rapid return to the activity. 

Ophthalmic surgeon and company co-founder Mr Allon Barsam said: ‘People are becoming more concerned about recovery time and want faster results so that they don’t have to take as much time out from their busy lives. This procedure goes some way towards making the process more efficient and ensuring smooth aftercare.’

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