The hefty price doctors paid 

Doctor victims of Long Covid have shared their horrendous experiences with the BMA and support group Long Covid Doctors For Action.

Here’s what some told a survey for the two organisations, published today, and reported by Independent Practitioner Today in a tandem news story:  

‘Life is absolutely miserable. Every day is a struggle. I wake up exhausted, the insomnia and night terrors are horrendous as I live through my worst fears every night. Any activity such as eating meals, washing etc will mean I have to go to bed for a few hours.

‘I am unable to look after myself or my child, exercise or maintain social relationships. I have no financial security. Long Covid has totally destroyed my life.’ – Consultant.

‘I am almost housebound and have had to buy a mobility scooter for the few occasions that I am well enough to get out. For the last six weeks, I have been relying on family members to help me look after my children.’ – Consultant.

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‘I can’t believe after 12 months of asking it seems I’m no closer to seeing a Long Covid clinic. My GP told me they’d referred me at the end of January 2021, but, in reality, the admin gave up trying, as I’m out of area for seemingly everywhere. They just keep giving me sick notes instead of helping me get better.’ – Consultant.

‘I nearly lost my life, my home, my partner and my career. I have received little support to help keep these. The impact on my mental health nearly cost [me] my life again.’ – Locum junior doctor.

‘I can no longer work, finances are ruined. I didn’t have employment protection, so am now unemployed and penniless.’  – Salaried GP.