Happy doctor users help Pharmacierge raise £2.4m

Dozens of happy doctor customers have dipped into their pockets to help healthtech company Pharmacierge raise a further £2.4m.

Reaching new heights: The Pharmacierge team

Their investment will be used by the company to power its next phase of growth combining dispensing robotics with AI to manage the vast range of medicines it supplies.

Pharmacierge, a pioneer of medicine delivery apps for private clinicians, said 90% of the funding round was raised from its own users, including 80 prominent clinicians. 

Co-founder and chief executive Edward Ungar called it ‘a profound and unique endorsement of Pharmacierge by the very same consultants and GPs who use it most often’. 

‘They’ve recognised the huge value in our product and have not only validated that as users, but also as investors.’

The company has now raised nearly £4m, with over 75% from among its 4,000 clinician users.  

Consultant rheumatologist Dr Stephanie Barrett said: ‘Having long experienced the time-saving benefits that the Pharmacierge service offers clinicians and patients, it was a simple decision to invest in a business that I both understood and trusted.’

Pharmacierge runs a 2,500ft2 dispensary in Wimpole Street, London. It said the variety of specialties it supports means its formulary contains over double the average range of pharmacy medicines.