Don’t forget to update your fees with ‘transparency body’

Consultants who revise their fees are being asked to ensure they update their pricing information held by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN).

Anne Coyne

Its consultant relationship manager Anne Coyne said: ‘We contact consultants routinely to request they update the fee information they have submitted to PHIN. We are aware that, with the new financial year imminent, this may be a time when some consultants review and revise their fees. 

‘We would remind anyone doing so to please update that information on the PHIN portal,, so it is available to patients. We thank those who have already made the necessary amends.’

Specialists needing help with the process should contact

PHIN regularly reminds consultants of their responsibility to keep their data current.

But it told Independent Practitioner Today it did not currently evaluate and report on individual updates to fees, so could not say what percentage of consultants were currently updating their records in line with any fee changes.

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