Two new developments for Optegra eye clinics

Specialists at Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester have used a new treatment for wet AMD which they say means excellent outcomes and fewer ongoing visits to hospital.

Sajid Mahmood

Unlike other injection treatments, Vabysmo was designed to target two chemicals within the eye, rather than one. This effectively means double the treatment all in one go, which works to stop the vessels growing and also stops them leaking and bleeding.

Consultant Mr Sajid Mahmood said: ‘We are excited that we can offer this new treatment. Medical advances mean that we can now extend the time between injections, possibly up to four months – after the first four monthly injections – which is much more pleasant and convenient for patients and importantly, cost-saving for the NHS’.

Early diagnostic tests on the first patient showed improvements so the team was excited to continue this treatment, he added.


Mayor Helen Headech cuts the ribbon to open Optegra’s Eye Clinic Uttoxeter, with clinic manager Paul Haydon (left), optometrist Gareth Towers and staff

A new eye clinic opened by Optegra Eye Health Care in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, says it is purely dedicated to NHS cataract patients, in an effort to reduce the long wait lists as a result of the pandemic.

The firm’s NHS Director Richard Armitage said: ‘We are eager to support the NHS as ophthalmology is the second largest waiting list for treatment.’

He added that the clinic was committed to offer treatment within six weeks of referral to its leading ophthalmic surgeons.

‘Cataract patients simply need to ask their optician or GP to refer them to Optegra Eye Clinic Uttoxeter and we look forward to welcoming them.’