Invitation to free webinar on pension changes and retirement

Free webinar – NHS Pension changes affecting your retirement planning.

Tuesday 13 December at 6.30pm for 25 minutes.

Elliot Lund, financial planner with specialists Cavendish Medical, writes: ‘Keeping up to date with changes to the NHS Pension is challenging for financial advisers but impossible for busy doctors facing an already difficult winter. 

‘Every additional bit of information can impact the status quo. We already know that significant numbers of senior doctors are retiring early or reducing hours to avoid the punitive pension tax limits of the Lifetime and Annual Allowance. The reduction to the top rate of income tax threshold could mean many doctors paying even more tax on their pension. 

‘Cavendish is running a series of  “Essential Briefings” webinars which take a short, sharp look at one important topic for each session. This webinar will explain the latest information and what important points to check with your own personal position. 

‘For example, there were new announcements in September relating to pension recycling, pensions flexibilities and the link between the NHS pension and inflation. All of these issues are important to consider. We hope to explain the relevance of each of these topics and how they can affect your retirement planning.’

Cavendish Medical provides specialist financial planning advice to medical professionals covering pensions, tax planning, savings and investments.

Elliot will cover these key topics:

  • How might the Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance affect my pension?
  • What is pension recycling and will my NHS trust offer this?
  • How does inflation impact my pension valuation?
  • What is the Consumer Price Index ‘disconnect’?
  • What pension flexibilities are available?
  • What is the difference between Clinical Excellence Awards and Clinical Impact Awards?

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