Revenue lost through Covid calculated as £594.8m

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Compiled by Philip Housden

Revenue lost through Covid calculated as £594.8m

Analysis of NHS trusts’ published annual accounts for 2021-22 has shone a light on the lost private patient income caused by the Covid pandemic. 

With 19 trusts still to report, total revenues for all England NHS trusts are projected to be £541m. This is a 43.2% increase on 2020-21, but still only 82% of 2019-20 financial year. 

Prior to the pandemic, NHS trust private patient incomes were growing at a compound rate of 5.3%. 

Applying this same rate retrospectively highlights the ‘missing’ expected income that trusts should have achieved. 

The calculated ‘missing’ revenues total £585.8m-for the last three years: £14.6m in 2019-20, £348m in 2020-21 and £232.2m last year. 

Annual PPU conference returns following Covid

Managers from 15 NHS trusts attended the annual NHS Private Patient Services conference.

Held online, it was the first since the March 2020 lockdown. Attendees heard from Healthcare UK, Bupa, AXA and Aviva; enjoyed case studies shared by Royal Ortho­paedic and Harrogate hospitals and had discussions on best practice and ideas for growth. A face-to-face meeting is planned for next year.

Philip Housden is a director of Housden Group