HCA offers injection therapy for knee pain

An injection of Arthrosamid for knee osteoarthritis is being offered to patients at London’s The Princess Grace Hospital and The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH) under a partnership between HCA Healthcare UK and Contura Orthopaedics Ltd.

The treatment with the polyacrylamide hydrogel, becoming available at other HCA facilities later, is described as a novel one for those who have not responded to standard interventions and are unsuitable for surgery or reluctant to consider it.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon and ISEH clinical director Prof Fares Haddad said: ‘Early evidence is encouraging and the team at ISEH are therefore undertaking a detailed analysis of its effectiveness and impact on pain and function.’

Contura chief executive Rakesh Tailor reported the company was confident the single-dose treatment, designed to be delivered in outpatient clinics, would ‘completely change the management of osteoarthritic knee pain and delay the need for invasive knee surgery.’