Waiting times for private consultants to be revealed

Average waiting times to see private consultants are to be made public as interest in being treated in the independent sector grows.

Consumer information website myTribe, which has just revealed consultants’ charges for another survey said these would be published ‘shortly’.

It tells visitors to its website that most providers offer transparent pricing so that there are no nasty surprises.

‘For example, if you need to undergo a surgical procedure, you can often find a “fixed-price surgery” package. This service will usually cover the full costs for the entire process, such as pre- and post-op consultations, nursing care, surgeon costs, theatre time etc.’

myTribe says there are many benefits to seeking private medical consultants, ‘but arguably the most important is the speed at which you can see one’. 

It lists a range of advantages of going private, including quicker diagnosis, jumping the queue, and private hospitals ‘often’ providing a more comprehensive range of tests due to a higher equipment budget and having a more favourable equipment-to-patient ratio.

The latest survey from the information service, on consultants’ private fee levels, looks at prices for 15 practitioner specialties in some major cities and the home countries.

Here is the breakdown for private urologists.

For full findings, see: www.mytribeinsurance.co.uk/treatment/cost-to-see-a-private-consultant-uk