Private consultants’ fees published to help patients

By Robin Stride

Consultants’ fees in eight areas of the UK have been published for potential patients to know what to expect when they plan to go private.

Figures compiled for nearly 600 practitioners show the average cost to see a private medical consultant for an initial consultation is £195, and £130 for a follow-up appointment.

According to a survey by consumer information website myTribe, patients seeking help in London will pay an average of 27% more to see a medical consultant compared to the rest of the UK.

The company said: ‘On the backdrop of lengthy waiting times via the NHS for treatment and specialist consultations, the inevitable question on people’s minds is: “How much would it cost to be seen privately?”.’ 

It conducted the survey, which included physiotherapists but not orthopaedic surgeons, after receiving ‘substantial interest from its research into the cost of private surgery earlier this year’.

The survey found psychiatrists were the most expensive consultant, with an average initial consultation costing £300 – 50% above average.

Northern Ireland was the most affordable region, with initial consultations costing £150 –25% less than the rest of the UK.

Newcastle was the most affordable location in England, with initial consultations costing £170.

The prices were based on information obtained from specialists across the UK in July and August of 2022. myTribe told potential patients that the averages ‘are medians calculated from between 2-5 samples per location and act as examples only. What you pay to see a consultant privately will be different’.


Average cost to see a private specialist in the UK
Specialist type Initial consultation fee Follow-up fee
Cardiologist £200 £150
Dermatologist £200 £140
Endocrinologist £202 £150
Gastroenterologist £200 £125
Gynaecologist £200 £140
Haematologist £200 £150
Oncologist £200 £120
Ophthalmologist £200 £150
Orthodontist £80 £89
Paediatrician £200 £150
Physiotherapist £67 £50
Psychiatrist £300 £165
Psychologist £80 £121
Rheumatologist £220 £145
Urologist £200 £140
Source: myTribe

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