King Edward VII’s Hospital adds genetic testing to its services

Independent charitable hospital King Edward VII’s has added genetics testing to its services. 

The new service supports patients by identifying the genetic risks of developing breast cancer. 

Dr Anjani Kulkarni

Spearheading the service are adult and breast cancer genetics specialist Dr Anjana Kulkarni, Prof Marc Tischkowitz, chairman of the UK Cancer Genetics Group, and Dr Vishakha Tripathi, genetic counsellor and chairman of the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board.

Dr Kulkarni said: ‘Genetics are increasingly becoming an essential element of cancer treatment and I’m thrilled to be working with King Edward VII’s to further the UK’s offering in the field.

‘With greater understanding of genetics, though, comes the need for more holistic support for patients, which is such an important element of the hospital’s unique offering. Identifying any mutations through DNA testing is just the first step in the care journey.’

There are plans to use genetics screening for other cancers in the future.