Healthcode appoints new business boss

Richard Aris

Online products and services company Healthcode has appointed Richard Aris to the new post of head of business development.

He will lead a team building long-term partnerships with doctors’ practices, hospitals and insurers to give them support and inform them of products and services aimed at helping them operate more efficiently.

Mr Aris said that in a previous private healthcare job he found businesses working ‘in quite an old-fashioned way’ compared to other sectors, particularly with administration of claims and remittances. 

‘I always liked the idea of coming back and helping businesses to streamline their processes and this is Healthcode’s mission too, so it felt like the perfect match.’ 

He said the firm was developing exciting products which would support customers’ businesses and the industry as a whole.  

His appointment is part of a transformation programme involving an overhaul of business systems and processes, as well as strategic recruitment to enable Healthcode to expand and operate effectively on a bigger scale.