Top research eye surgeon recruited by Newmedica

Consultant ophthalmologist Prof Richard Gale, president of the Medical Ophthalmology Society UK, has joined eye clinic New­medica Grimsby.

He specialises in treating wet macular degeneration and his study into the condition has brought in millions of pounds of research funding to the region.

Prof Gale, who has been named Researcher of the Year by the National Institute for Health Research, said: ‘Newmedica has always been proud of its partnership-working with the NHS and now, because the pandemic has caused a backlog of surgery for sight and other procedures on the NHS, we are pleased to be able to assist with its waiting lists.

‘Wet macular degeneration has no cure. However, treatment can help slow its progress. Partial recovery of a patient’s vision is possible if they start treatment early enough, so we are glad to be able to see patients quickly, saving them considerable discomfort, inconvenience and giving them better outcomes.’