Free webinar on pensions and tax

Independent Practitioner Today readers are invited to register for a free webinar to help guide them through a host of financial issues facing them in the year ahead.

‘NHS Pensions and Tax – what you need to know’ is being run by one of our sponsors, specialist financial planners Cavendish Medical, on Wednesday 27 April 2022 at 6.30pm. 

Dr Benjamin Holdsworth

Dr Benjamin Holdsworth, a director of the company, said: ‘Every year, the rules surrounding pay, pensions and taxation become ever more complex. This year is set to be even more challenging if you’re trying to get an accurate idea of your own financial position. 

‘Not only are we awaiting the finer details of how the McCloud remedy will work in practice, but, from April, all members will move to the 2015 pension scheme. 

‘You could be accruing benefits in the new pension, as well as maintaining your benefits in your former scheme. That means understanding two different growth rates and two different sets of rules – at the same time as trying to unravel the last seven years of activity in your current pension scheme because of the McCloud judgment.

‘We are hosting the webinar to explain some of the key issues to consider and the actions to take now.’

Cavendish Medical provides specialist financial planning advice to medical professionals covering pensions, tax planning, savings and investments.

Financial planners Elliot Lund and David Murphy are hosting the webinar to discuss these key topics:

  • Current NHS pension benefits and recent changes – moving to 2015 scheme;
  • McCloud ‘remedy ;
  • The impact of NHS Annual and Lifetime Allowances – and the changes to the tapered annual allowance rules;
  • Pension tax payment options;
  • Recent changes to Clinical Excellence Awards;
  • Other income sources – tax planning and pension savings.

The main presentation will last approximately 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions and answers at the end.

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