Software to identify and fix payment shortfalls

Private hospitals are being promised an efficient way to identify and collect shortfalls and patients’ online payments using an automated service from a Healthcode partnership. 

Codes were created by the company after analysing 15,500 shortfall messages contained in insurer remittances received in a 30-day period. These enable it to automatically scan electronic insurer remittances to see if there is a patient liable shortfall. 

The system creates a shortfall invoice with the payer’s details and hospital specific branding and messaging when this happens.  

Online platform patientzone then issues a collection notice with a unique link via email or text message which can be used to access its website and pay the balance due. 

When the money is collected, it sends a receipt to the payer and notifies Healthcode, which provides an electronic remittance to the hospital so the transaction can be closed. 

Healthcode said the service enabled hospitals to provide a convenient and secure online payment facility to patients and other payers without setting up a merchant account or paying credit card processing fees. 

patientzone charges 2.5% +VAT commission when the bill is paid and deposits the money in the hospital’s account each week. 

Hospitals can also set up branded automatic payment reminders at their preferred intervals at a cost of 10p +VAT for electronic reminders and 55p for paper reminders. Payers are not charged to use the patientzone platform.

Richard Shawyer, patientzone’s managing director, said: ‘This is an easy win for private hospitals who want patients to have a convenient and safe way to settle their account and create a positive impression.’