Cromwell triumphs for giving patients respect


Cromwell Hospital’s REDI team pictured with Laing­Buisson non-executive director Stephen Dorrell (left) and master of ceremonies, comedian Tom Allen (right)

Cromwell Hospital’s Respect, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) Network won the Excellence in Training Award.

Influenced by movements such as Black Lives Matter, over the last year REDI has transformed its equality and diversity committee. As a result, it has grown from a handful of dedicated volunteers to a strong network with a clearly governed and defined committee and structure. 

Globally and nationally, inequality in healthcare remains a significant issue and the REDI team is focusing its efforts to address this, putting new practices in place to make sure that the hospital’s patients and colleagues feel seen, heard, respected and welcomed. 

For example, the team is developing an Allyship programme to help colleagues grow and support their diverse range of patients. 

By wearing an Allyship badge, patients can feel more confident disclosing personal information, and take comfort knowing their care can be specifically tailored to their needs.

The London hospital is also broadening its use of inclusive language, with consultants using gender neutral pronouns when discussing matters such as prostate cancer. 

A Cromwell Hospital spokesman said: ‘I’m incredibly proud of how much the team has achieved in the last year; from marking culturally important events and festivals, to educating our people on important issues in the diversity space. 

‘Their dedication to making important changes has helped our people and patients feel able to bring their whole selves to the Cromwell Hospital, and this award is testament to their hard work.’