Clinic excels at eating disorders conference

Researchers from the UK’s private Schoen Clinic are set to grab the lion’s share of attention at a major conference aiming to improve access to care and treatment for eating disorders post-Covid-19.

Its teams across multiple disciplines have had ten pieces of novel research and practice leadership accepted at the 15th International Eating Disorder Conference in London from 8-10 December – the only hospital group to do so.

Prof Hubert Lacey

Psychiatry professor Hubert Lacey, who founded Schoen Clinic Newbridge, said: ‘This really is unprecedented and is the culmination of a huge focus on audit and research during the past five years. 

‘We are seeing the result of embedding a research culture in our services: recognising the value of research and supporting our staff across all professions to develop their own ideas and conduct audit.

‘Schoen Clinic Newbridge’s productivity in this programme is a wonderful achievement for all involved, but for Schoen Clinic Chelsea to have its first paper accepted at an international conference for work done in the midst of setting up a new service, as well as a pandemic, is truly impressive.’

The event is widely regarded as one of the leading eating disorder conferences in the world and will be attended by psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, paediatricians, dieticians, occupational therapists and specialist nurses. 

It will combine keynote and plenary lectures, workshop sessions, shorter papers and poster presentations – all aiming to introduce the latest key developments and research findings.

This year’s theme ‘Improving Access to Care and Treatment Flexibility in a Challenging World’ will explore the ways Covid-19 has impacted care and what should be best practice in future.

Schoen Clinic Newbridge will be participating in a workshop to examine a nurse-led clinical model for the inpatient management of severe eating disorders, leading four presentations on various aspects of treating patients with anorexia nervosa and presenting four posters, including on EMPSA and Covid-19.

Schoen Clinic Chelsea, a day clinic for mental health problems including eating disorders, will also be presenting its first poster on daycare evaluation.