One-stop breast care clinic opens in the City

Basinghall Clinic, Cromwell Hospital’s outpatient diagnostic clinic in the City of London, has launched a new breast care service offering a one-stop shop for consultations and tests.

The clinic enables patients to see a consultant, undergo scans and a biopsy, if needed, on the same day with fast access to the hospital for a range of treatments.

Research by Breast Cancer Now found that almost 1.2m women in the UK have missed a vital breast screening due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The hospital’s director of breast surgery Mr Giles Davies said: ‘The location of the clinic is convenient for people returning to the City and back to the office after Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted; they can pop in before or after work.’

Basinghall Clinic is open five days a week 8am-6pm. People do not need health insurance or a GP referral to get an appointment.