Pictures have the greatest impact

Over the last five issues of Independent Practitioner Today, Simon Marett and Michael Sullivan have covered important aspects of branding, design and marketing for private healthcare practices, including logo and website design, colour and typography. 

Their last article in this series takes a closer look at using imagery in your branding and design.

‘A picture can paint a thousand words’ is a commonly used phrase and that is relevant when it comes to working on your healthcare practice’s brand and design.

Imagery is an area of marketing and design that is often last on the priority list. But out of all the aspects we have covered, it is the one area that can help you engage with your audiences on a deeper, emotional level. 

By doing so, it can help you connect with and entice potential customers or patients towards your brand or practice.

So, before you download a folder of free images that you have found on a Google search, take a step back and think about the style of imagery you are using. 

A little more time planning can make all the difference to your healthcare brand and business. Here are some of the aspects of imagery you should consider:

1 Think about whom are you talking to

We have touched on this point in our previous articles on imagery and colour, but it really is a fundamental rule of marketing and design.