How IT raises your quality of service

Lengthening waiting lists for NHS treatment are a ‘push factor’ which should prompt more people to re-evaluate private healthcare, but it is also important to consider the ‘pull factors’ that will lead them to your practice. 

Healthcode’s Kingsley Hollis shows how technology can help you offer a high-quality level of service that will exceed the expectations of new patients and attract word-of-mouth recommendations.

The pandemic did much to open our eyes to the significant contribution made by the private healthcare sector to meeting people’s care and treatment needs. 

Independent practitioners and hospitals were quick to join the national response to the pandemic and more than three million patients had their NHS procedure carried out, at cost, by private providers in England under landmark national arrangements. 

This support will continue as the NHS tries to get back on its feet, but it will take time to address the backlog. With a record number of patients now on the waiting list for NHS hospital treatment, it is probable that people who might not have previously contemplated going private will think again. 

LaingBuisson’s recent report into the UK Self-Pay market found evidence of heightened interest in private treatment across the country.

Attractive reason

At the same time, the private sector cannot simply wait for NHS waiting lists to drive patients in its direction. As LaingBuisson put it: ‘The challenge will be converting this interest to business’, which means doctors need a compelling and attractive reason for patients to choose them and – more importantly – speak positively about their experience to friends and family.