Follow this road map to recovery

Simon Brignall signals the best route to follow to ensure your practice is best placed to benefit from the recovery.

The independent sector continues to benefit from the increased demand from patients wishing to access private healthcare. 

At Medical Billing and Collec­tion, we are pleased to see the growth in the activity conducted by the practices we partner with and, judging by the number of inquiries I am receiving, there are plenty of practices keen to benefit from this recovery.  

As a result of these conversations, I thought it would be useful to provide some simple directions to follow to ensure your practice is also best positioned to benefit. 

Stay in your lane. Make sure you spend as much time as possible focusing on your core skill set.

It seems obvious, but it is important to prioritise seeing and treating patients. If you and your secretary can focus on the medical side of the practice, this will not only benefit your patients but also lead to increases in the revenue for the practice. 

Running a private practice is not easy and many tasks do not fall naturally into a consultant’s skill set or even those of their medical secretary. Take stock and consider what elements of your practice could be outsourced, leaving you and your team to prioritise the clinical side of the practice. 



Queues likely. Make sure your practice is ready to accommodate the increase in demand for your services resulting from NHS waiting lists.