Ensuring the mental health of your staff

A survey of Royal College of Physicians’ fellows and members earlier this year revealed that more than one-in-four doctors have sought mental health support during the pandemic. Taking care of your own mental health, and those around you, is key to giving patients the best level of care.



Dr Pablo Vandenabeele (right), clinical director for mental health at Bupa UK Insurance, shows how to make your practice a supportive environment.

When we think about ‘mental health’, we often think about mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety. 

But, like physical health, we all have times when our mental health is good and also times when it affects our overall well-being. 

As healthcare professionals, we have a really important role in supporting the well-being of our practice teams and colleagues and being advocates for good mental health in the workplace.

Ways to do this include improving working practices, encouraging your team to speak openly and reassuring them of the support they need. Guidance is available to help you do this correctly.

Mental health challenges

Workplace issues such as uncertainty, lack of control and a demanding role can all lead to changes in mental health and are linked to the development of common mental health conditions.

The new challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic have added to this, with many people facing added stress and anxiety, both at work and home. 

Additional pressures it has created include: