Bupa hospital boasts ‘top radiotherapy unit in Europe’

Arrival of the MRIdian MR linac at GenesisCare’s Centre for Radio­therapy at Cromwell Hospital, London, makes it ‘the most advanced radiotherapy centre in Europe’, according to the provider’s clinical lead.

Dr John Conibear

Dr John Conibear said the new technology meant patients could receive the best care possible with fewer hospital visits.

A surge of new cancer diagnoses are expected when patients come forward after social distancing for Covid-19 eases. 

The MRIdian is the only linear accelerator model with automated beam control. If a tumour moves even a few millimetres, the treatment will automatically pause until it returns into position, to avoid missing the target and irradiating healthy tissue unnecessarily.

While conventional radiotherapy can involve up to 37 treatments, patients typically only need from three to eight with the new machine.