Are you ready to take on a surge in work?

Now is the time to get fighting fit for the boom in private work post-Covid. Ian Tongue provides some excellent tips.

The impact of Covid on the private medical sector will be felt for several years to come as both the NHS and private sector try and cope with a surge in demand and finite resources. 

I am hearing from clients of significant private waiting lists and it is encouraging to hear that the capacity in the private hospitals is opening up. 

Coping with this increased demand from a financial perspective may be a challenge and it is important that you are prepared for the increased demand on your time. This article looks at some of the key areas that will help ensure that you are able to hit things running.


One of the key challenges will be the availability of clinical and theatre space to see patients and carry out procedures or operations.  

Many of the private hospitals are juggling NHS usage with the private medical sector and often the spaces available are outside of normal clinic times. Therefore, being available and flexible will be key to utilising this available capacity until normal clinics are restored.