Stop the negligence lawyers from calling

Clinical negligence claims notified by MDU radiology members are examined here by Dr Shabbir Choudhury, who advises on how to manage risk.

Consultants working privately as radiologists who have been notified of a clinical negligence claim against them are often assisted by the MDU. 

While claims are less frequently made against radiologists than consultants working in some surgical specialties, such as orthopaedics or cosmetic surgery, they remain relatively common and compensation can sometimes exceed a million pounds. 

So managing known risks linked to clinical negligence claims is important both to protect patients and to avoid claims being brought.

The analysis below is based on 200 recent claims brought against consultant radiologists working in the independent sector who were MDU members. 

Nearly three-quarters of claims were successfully defended with compensation paid in only around a quarter of cases.

Of the cases that settled, the majority were well in excess of £50,000.