Staff problems after lockdown

Keep it Legal

Doctor employers face ongoing staff management challenges as lockdown restrictions ease. Lucy Miles and Isobel Davis highlight some areas needing consideration. 

Managing holiday requests

Holidays within the UK are now permitted and international leisure travel may be allowed to resume this summer. 

Employers are likely to face an unusually large number of holiday requests for the spring and summer months, often with less notice than usual, since employees have not been able to book holidays in advance. 

Many employees have avoided using their holiday entitlements so far this year due to the restrictions, which means that employers are likely to face higher absence levels than usual as staff start to take more holiday than they might ordinarily. 

This could cause potential operational challenges for employers, who will need to balance business needs with holiday entitlements.

It will be important to pro-actively manage holiday entitlements, where possible, and there are provisions within the Working Time Regulations 1998 which may assist employers where holiday requests need to be refused or where staff need to carry over more holiday than usual into the next holiday year.