Indemnity at the push of a button

Medical indemnity cover is a regulatory requirement for doctors, but few relish gathering all the information when it comes to annual renewal or when looking for competitive quotes.

Fiona Booth explores how an enhancement to Healthcode’s The Private Practice Register can streamline the process. 

‘Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.’ Hippocrates

Healthcare is not without risk and practitioners deal in risk assessment every day. Getting the right medical indemnity cover for your specialty is not just about the cost or the financial risk, but also the stress or possible reputational implications of litigation from a dissatisfied patient.

Medical indemnity cover aims to protect the practitioner if they are accused of negligence, malpractice or a breach of clinical or professional care standards. According to a leading insurer, common medical indemnity claims include:

 Misdiagnosis;

 Failure to diagnose;

 Surgical errors;

 Incorrect treatment;

 Prescription errors;

 Failure to provide a clean environment;

 Failing to adequately train doctors and other staff.

One of the many recommendations from The Paterson Inquiry was for the Government to look at reforming the regulation of indemnity products for healthcare professionals and introducing a nationwide ‘safety net’ to ensure patients are not left uncompensated.