Clinics tie up to start lung testing service

A new one-stop lung health assessment service in London has been set up under a partnership between Queen Square Private Healthcare and Heart & Lung Health.

Led by a team of consultant cardiothoracic radiologists behind Heart & Lung Health, the new service uses low-dose CT scanning at the Queen Square Imaging Centre to detect subtle signs of early lung cancer in their earliest, most curable stage.

Jodee Cooper, chief executive of QS Enterprises, the charitable organisation operators of the Queen Square Imaging Centre, said: ‘While our focus has typically always been imaging for neuro­ logical and neurosurgical conditions, owing to our co-location with the renowned National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, our facilities are well equipped to support all patients. 

‘The expertise that the Heart & Lung Health team bring to this service has enabled us to develop an innovative service which will result in earlier lung cancer diagnosis and better outcomes for patients at high risk.’

A comprehensive lung health assessment, including a low-dose CT scan and consultation with a lung specialist, costs £699 with the Queen Square Imaging Centre.