Catch it if you can

Doctor on the Road: Porsche Cayman

This Cayman may be one of the last of its breed. If you can get one before it is too late, you won’t regret it, says Dr Tony Rimmer.

Some of our most satisfying career moments happen when all our learning, experience and clinical acumen converge and we make correct decisions with the appropriate actions for the best outcome possible for the patient. 

Like playing a musical instrument well, it is inordinately satisfying. It often happens without the influence of sophisticated high-tech investigations and tests. Somehow it makes us feel very fulfilled, joyful and human.

Driving used to be much like that. It was a visceral experience where our connection with the cars we drove was very raw and very direct. 

Technological advances have brought us greater safety and greater convenience, but they have mostly blunted the involvement levels we have with the machines we drive. 

The extra weight from batteries in the profusion of new hybrid and all-electric cars only compounds the issue.

Fortunately, we still have manufacturers like Porsche. Despite being at the forefront of electric car development – its Taycan is the most enjoyable EV to drive – it understands the needs of keen drivers who still want to experience the best of lightweight sports cars powered by efficient internal combustion engines before they disappear altogether. So welcome to the latest Cayman GTS 4.0