Schoen shines in mental health care

Schoen Clinic UK’s award for the 2020 Private Hospital Group of the Year celebrates ‘excellence in the provision of acute or mental health services with a focus on innovation and differentiation as a result of an individual hospital initiative or investment’. 

Managing director Andy Davey said: ‘To win this award at the best of times is an accolade, but to do so in reflection of such a challenging year for the whole healthcare profession, is a staggering achievement.’ 

Schoen Clinic UK currently comprises four facilities: 

 Schoen Clinic Orthopaedic & Spinal Hospital London; 

 Schoen Clinic Day Centre for Mental Health Chelsea – treating anxiety, mood and eating disorders; 

 Schoen Clinic Newbridge – treating children and young people with eating disorders; 

 Schoen Clinic York – treating adults with eating disorders.

The group’s ethos is to use the best consultants and deliver ‘high-quality, specialised care with a relentless focus on clinical outcome excellence’.