Health cover ‘needs to be holistic’, says AMII chief

A more integrated approach to the private medical insurance offering in a post-pandemic environment is being called for by the new executive chairman of the Association of Medical Insurers and Inter­mediaries.

David Middleton

David Middleton said: ‘Mental health and well-being are top of most of our clients’ objectives. I am currently a trustee of a mental health charity that supports athletes and I have been staggered by the amount of young people seeking help particularly in the last 12 months. 

‘Yet, as an industry in both healthcare and risk, we are still very much working in silos and are still product driven. We really need to work more closely, as physical, financial, mental and social wellbeing cannot and should not be treated separately.’

He told the group’s AGM that insurers had responded well during Covid-19 with a willingness to help and support intermediaries and the end customer, with telemedicine and additional support services. 

And he commended insurers for pledging to not profit from the pandemic. Some had already made appropriate premium refunds to clients.